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Dear Friends,

It's our great pleasure to present our fourth Pahansial bi-annual report covering the period of June 2006 through December 2006. This covers the second half of the year 2006 and we apologize for not being able to release this earlier than this. However, in the interim, I have sent each donor an update of the progress of each project with an account summary. Hope you all have gone through that report. With the growing number of scholarship recipients and due to our other personal commitments, putting this report together on time is extremely challenging. Therefore, not surprisingly, this turned out to be quite a time consuming and strenuous task. However, in the future we are trying our best to give our donors complete report every six month [bi-annually]. In spite of the best efforts of the committee and our local administrator, few documents due from Sri Lanka still remain unaccounted for. These late documents will be included in our next report. As a related note, we have implemented a procedure to collect documents in an efficient manner in the future. We have appointed a Pahansila coordinator in Sri Lanka (for all the chapter) as the first step of this process.

At this point, we wish to thank you for being a generous contributor to this worthy cause that aims to bring light to a needy student's life, back home in Sri Lanka. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to our local administrator Mr. V. Subramaniam in Sri Lanka who spends his valuable time working with us and making our job much easier. Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our local supervisors, school principals, teachers, other volunteers in Sri Lanka and everyone else, who helped us in numerous ways to make the Pahansila dream come true not only for us but also for needy, promising students in Sri Lanka.

We sincerely hope that this report is sufficient evidence of generous contributions made by our donors and the dedicated efforts of volunteers in helping deserving Sri Lankan students.


Chandana Karunatilaka
Coordinator - Arizona Chapter