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Towards Success.....

Pathmika Dilangani Dharmasena was in Grade 9 when we identified her as a beneficiary of Pahansila Scholarship Project. She came from a very poor family of four, the father being the only breadwinner. He was a casual employee digging sand from the Mahaweli river that flows close to their house. Although employment is regular during the dry months, come the monsoon when the water level in the river rises, he has to find alternative employment to keep the home fires burning. However, even from his regular work, income was paltry. All he can give his family was their bare necessities. Education to his children was not in his scheme of things.

When we stumbled upon Dilangani, we came to know that she was a very studious girl and had in fact passed her Grade 5 Scholarship exam with flying colours but was unable to go to a better school due to poverty. The father just could not make it. She continued in the same school, Eriyagama Maha Vidyalaya, Peradeniya where she not only excelled in her studies but also took active part in other activities in the school and was considered to be an exemplary child. In subsequent years she was also elected as a school captain. We identified her as suitable beneficiary of the scholarship programme and funding started in April 2004. As we would learn later through a number of her letters to the sponsors, the money was a great boon not only to her but to the family as well as the family was relieved of the burden of spending for her education. However she spent the money judiciously utilizing it for her education. She kept up her performance and sat for her G.C.E. Ordinary level exams at the end of 2005 and we now have news that she has passed the exam with 8 distinctions and 2 credit passes. We know how happy she and her family must be. We are also happy for her and this is one of those many occasions, we as sponsors of the Pahansila Scholarship Project stand vindicated that our committment to help poor but needy children have borne fruit.

We hope to fund her further to realize her to proceed with her education and realize her ambitions.

Pathmika with her class teacher, Mrs.Peramuna