Pahansila Scholarship Project 3D Animated Flags by

M.G.Dinusha Tharangani Jayalath
Student Full Name M.G.Dinusha Tharangani Jayalath.
Academic level Grade 11.
Academic Institution K / Pilimatalawa MMV, Pilimatalawa.
Date of birth May 9th, 1988
Educational background Good student in class work, Made an oustanding progress over the last few years
Family background Father an ocassional labourer, Mother unemployed, Monthly income :Rs: 1750/-
Scholarship rate Rs:1000 per month
Donor(s) Mrs.Ranjula Kulapala.
Mr.Ananda Dharmapriya.
Name & Address of the Supervisor Mr. R.M. Sugathadasa
Pilimatalawa Maha Vidyalaya, Pilimatalawa.
Project commenced in March, 2004.
Letters and Documents (2004 & 2005) Application letter from the student
Letter from the class teacher.
Progress Report.
Acknowledgement from the recipient - 1
Acknowledgement from the recipient - 11
Mid term progress report
Letters and Documents in 2006 Certified letter from the student & school officials
Letter from Dinusha
Progress Report
Letter from Dinusha
Letter from class teacher
Letter from father
Letter to local administrotor from Dinusha
Letter to donors from Dinusha
Letter from parents