Pahansila Scholarship Project 3D Animated Flags by

U.R.Nuwan Chamara Premarathne.
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Student Full Name U.R.Nuwan Chamara Premarathne.
Academic level Grade 12.
Academic Institution Central College, Kekirawa.
Date of birth -
Educational background Good student in class work
Passed G.C.E(O/L) well
Family background Both father and mother deceased
Grand mother is taking care of him
Has a sister and a brother
Scholarship rate Rs:1000 per month
Donor(s) in 2004-2005 Mr. Kithsiri Wijeratne
Mrs. Lakshmi Wijeratne
Donor(s) in 2005-2006 Mr. Nihal Fernando
Mrs. Ellen Fernando
Name & Address of the Supervisor Mrs. Sunethra Gamlath
C/O, Bandula Basnayake
Neekiniyawa, Kekirawa
Project commenced in August, 2004.
Letters and Documents in 2005 Certified application letter from the Student.
Letter from grand mother.
Letter from the local project supervisor.
Acknowledgement from recipient.
Progress report.
Letter from the class teacher

Letters and Documents in 2006 Letter from the class teacher
Progress report
Acknowledgement from grand mother
Acknowledgement from the student