Pahansila Scholarship Project 3D Animated Flags by

T.G.Pathmika Dilangani Dharmasena
Student Full Name T.G.Pathmika Dilangani Dharmasena.
Academic level Grade 11.
Academic Institution Pushpadana Balika Viduhala,Kandy.
Date of birth October 1st, 1989
Educational background One of the best students we have in the program
Did very well in grade 5 exam, but coudn't go to a good
school because of financial hardships.
Passed G.C.E.(O/L) exam with 8A's and 2 B's.
Scool prefect, Also participating in extra curricular activities
Family background Father digs sand in Mahaweli river, Mother unemployed, Monthly income :Depends on the rain
Scholarship rate Rs:1000 per month
Donor(s) Mrs. Asha Rajapakshe
Mr. Sujeewa Perera
Mrs.Varuni Karunatilaka.
Mr.Chandana Karunatilaka.
Name & Address of the Supervisor Mrs. S.Peramuna
Maha/Denu, Eriyagama Pushpadana Viduhala
Project commenced in April, 2004.
Letters and Documents in 2004 Report from local project supervisor & principal.
Class Report for 2004.
Extra Curricular activities.
Acknowledgement from recipient.
Letters and Documents in 2005 Letter I from the student.
Letter II from the student.
Progress report.
Thanks you letter from the student.
Letter from mother.
Class teacher's report.
Supervisor's report.
Letter from Pathmika
Progress Report.

Letters and Documents in 2006 Progress Report
Letter from Pathmika
Supervisor's Report
Letter from Mother
Letter from Pathmika
Letter from Pathmika